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Mike B. Kelly
Mike B. Kelly thumbnail
Mike B. Kelly Climactic, dread inducing beauty. Perfect. Favorite track: Morte (Part 4: Oltar).
Luis Luethi
Luis Luethi thumbnail
Luis Luethi Hateful, bristly vocals and jarring guitars. Here is my review on doommantia.com:
www.doommantia.com/2014/08/hesperian-death-horse-mrtav.html Favorite track: Heriotza (Part 1: Kraljevi).
Ivan Duilo
Ivan Duilo thumbnail
Ivan Duilo This one cought me by surprise. I'm Croatian and I didn't hear about HDH until I made account on Bandcamp. Really one of the best sludge/doom albums I've listened. Lyrics are fenomenal, atmosphere so gloomy, dark, haunting...10/10 definitely! Favorite track: Surm (Part 3: Oni To Nisu).
Ana thumbnail
Ana Atmospheric sludge at its best. Beautiful noise coupled with evocative lyrics. Truly, music to lose oneself in...
"Dva oka slijepa, mrtva i ogromna, pogružena u paučinu što je prede sjeta, sjena, mrak i tišina. Krila prokapaše, a na njima težak, crn i prljav čađ što suklja i suče kroz željezne dimnjake..." Prekrasno. Favorite track: Surm (Part 3: Oni To Nisu).
Majbritt Levinsen
Majbritt Levinsen thumbnail
Majbritt Levinsen From the very first skewed notes that emerges out of the calm dark atmosphere I’m caught and drowned. Lured in by the beautiful haunting callings from the depths.

Read the full review here: metalbandcamp.com/2013/08/hesperian-death-horse-mrtav.html Favorite track: Surm (Part 3: Oni To Nisu).
Megapsychoticone thumbnail
Megapsychoticone This album brings this scene to mind..A lone man, filled with rage and despair, screaming at the void begging for total annihilation of everything in and around him. This is an absolutely remarkable feat of artistic expression that can rarely be achieved. I thank them for this. Favorite track: Heriotza (Part 1: Kraljevi).
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I swallowed my arms. These cosmonauts don't levitate. We don't need more ghosts. You can't be no ghost. Slugs are mechanisms. Swimming fascinated with arson. My broken hands do not speak. Swarming fears of erratic flames hunger you. Under the light of skinless lambs your spines crack. Horrifying slides of boredom effect. Frequency moans the next night. The next night. The exit sign is a false retribution such as sleep. Such as sleep. I'm aging in colors. I'm aging in red, black and green. I'm aging in colors. I'm aging in colors. 30 silver coins. Silent violins.
Oh, the tragedy! Story and plots tied in the gordian knots. Tears of agony, when the locusts and days prepare firstborns to go. Feast the blasphemy in the river of fear and the sea of glass. Stumped on elegy, covered in womb in the testicle fur. Transcend! Leap these angry bowels and extract the pheromones, grow your own crooked coward, looped tripods. And so I drowned in light and mutes are eating cold liquid glass. So bright, while seraphim falls into october sun. Slaves, obey!!! Slaves, obey!!! Slaves, obey!!! Indulge my hunger for fear in the silver spoons. Rusted knifes on a broken plate. Flirting with the mother of god and the grey mouthless wolves which disgust her. Oh, the headless cannot scream! The wind scatters early wings. Strained suspense, disfigured sense. Oh, the headless cannot scream! Transplant figures, mirrored machines. Raining mantises. Oh, the headless cannot scream!
Red swans drift off. The dendrophilia hide eyelid. To gain a parasitic twin. Son of man, fornicate with plague! These fractures come in. Different shapes and horns. Howling thru the shrines, these unholy hounds are just a pattern that lies. - Čekanje ih je isušilo. Bez pokreta, bez misli, lica su im okamenjena. Davno su legla i još im je dugo ležati. Oni to nisu. A ni sjeme im više ne klija kroz obraze. Dva oka slijepa, mrtva i ogromna, pogružena u paučinu što ju prede sjeta, sjena, mrak i tišina. Krila prokapaše, a na njima težak, crn i prljav čađ što suklja i suče kroz željezne dimnjake. Posrtaše u grdnim bolovima, dok ga ne smrvi ljudska stopa, a tragična i tvrda. Sljepci i bogalji, uvijajući se kao crvi, gmižu oko njegovih nogu, ljube mu tijelo i preklinju ga riječima muklim i užasnim. - As she laminated from limbo to delight, sun opens wide. She carves our title into mountains. Crested veins receding the divine polemics. Space receiving, order giving flier. Pulling tablecloth into wine.
It burns my halo to ashes that you're so misguided. Elders... they feed on the young ones. Masticating thyroid, covering in black robes to unveil the muck. The silence roars with plagiaristic monuments. Crown yourselves in the sewers of misbelief. Embrace His left hand path to digest. I'm laying. Now lay your hands on me. Circulate through me. Disgrace me. Wine as silence. Lifting the cross. Profound Father. Give in to sloth. YOU SHALL NEVER. On to aspects. The rotting will sway. Discouraged other. Virgin of may. YOU SHALL NEVER. They cursed entwined with storms through leaden tears, they will never see. They will never see.


Written and performed by Hesperian Death Horse.

Recorded at Studio Depth, Požega, winter of 2012.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Filip Sertić.


released February 22, 2013

Released on Play The Assassin Records.


all rights reserved



Hesperian Death Horse Zagreb, Croatia

Avant-garde/sludge/post-metal quintet from Zagreb, Croatia since 2012.
Hesperian Death Horse is a narrator of psychedelic, nihilistic poetry of everyday stumbling from death to birth and between.

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